Expert committee

Dr. Jean-Philippe Aumasson

Expert Committee Chair

Dr. Jean-Philippe Aumasson is a member of the Executive Committee of Taurus SA and its Chief Security Officer. Dr. Aumasson wrote the books “Serious Cryptography” (No Starch Press, 2017) and “The Hash Function BLAKE” (Springer, 2015). Dr. Aumasson holds a PhD in Cryptography from EPFL. Before joining Taurus Group SA, he worked for eight years in applied cryptography, security architecture and cybersecurity at the Swiss group Kudelski.

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Ken Bernheim

Expert Committee member

Ken Bernheim is a core team member of Polimec, a regulatory compliant funding protocol in the DeFi ecosystem. He first gained professional experience in the crypto space working for a crypto exchange in 2017 while graduating with his Master in Law with distinction and a focus on Capital Markets and LegalTech. Before joining Polimec, he gained extensive experience in business and sales activities, co-leading the team responsible for fundraising, token sales, OTC deals, and providing tailored crypto solutions to key clients at a Swiss crypto broker. Ken's background and current role afford him a unique perspective on the financial, legal, regulatory, and technological opportunities and challenges in this rapidly evolving space.

Nils Bundi

Expert Committee member

Nils is a technology enthusiast with a strong focus on decentralized finance. He is co-founder of atpar AG where he leads product and advisory services working with DeFi projects and tokenization platforms. Nils is also an active member of a number of DAOs as well as past and present contributor to financial markets standardization initiatives. Previously, with his background in Quantitative Finance and Software Engineering, Nils was able to lead international R&D projects across a number of positions both in the Financial Industry and Academia.

Michele Federici

Expert Committee member

Michele Federici is a tech enthusiast and longtime programmer. He is currently Head of IT Security at Dialectic AG. As former Head of Blockchain Engineering and one of the earliest employees of SEBA Bank, he helped build the bank's tech infrastructure from scratch. He led the team developing and maintaining the company's digital asset custody solutions and oversaw all blockchain related projects. He's active in the open source community, and has seven years' experience in cybersecurity, blockchain technology and design of safety-critical software and systems.

Sébastien Krafft

Expert Committee member

Sébastien Krafft is founder and CTO of Mt Pelerin Group SA. Mr Krafft holds a Master from Mines Paristech with a specialisation in Computer Science. Before co-founding Mt Pelerin, he worked for 10 years in the banking industry as a software engineer and software architect.

Rico Müller

Expert Committee member
Rico Müller is working on the Ventures team at Sygnum Bank focusing on new projects in the crypto industry. In this position he is responsible for sourcing, evaluating, and executing investments into promising new technologies and projects in the world of blockchain. He is an avid crypto and DeFi enthusiast, having been active in the space since 2018. Previously, he was Product Manager at Sygnum building up and releasing Sygnum’s Tokenization platform comprised of a primary and secondary market for tokenized assets. Rico Müller holds a degree in business administration from the University of St. Gallen.