CMTA.Tokenized Shares Certification


CMTA.Tokenized Shares Certification

CMTA.Tokenized Shares certification is a guarantee to shareholders, operators of trading systems, and other business partners that a company’s shares have been validly tokenized in accordance with Swiss law and highest industry standards.

To get certified, complete the application form available in the download section. 

The certification mark is registered with the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property. 

Swiss companies that have tokenized their shares and followed standards set out by the CMTA can apply for certification. The CMTA.Tokenized Shares label certifies:

  • Compliance with Swiss law:shares issued in the form of ledger-based securities comply with the requirements of Article 973d of the Swiss Code of Obligations ("CO") and therefore have the legal effects provided for in Article 973f CO
  • Adherence to industry standards: CMTA’s Standard for the Tokenization of Shares of Swiss Corporations using the distributed ledger technology was published following consultation of CMTA’s membership of leading actors from Switzerland’s financial, technological and legal sectors.
  • Use of the open-source CMTAT smart contract (or another approved smart contract): the CMTAT has been developed specifically for share tokenization by a CMTA Tech Committee expert working group, incorporating the properties outlined in CMTA’s Tokenization Standard in a modular design with a core set of functionalities and optional modules.
  • Effective deployment of the smart contract: CMTA-recognized technical experts confirm the effective delivery of tokens to shareholders
  • Completion of due diligence by legal and technical experts: As part of the certification process, CMTA-recognized experts must verify aspects relating to the tokenized shares and smart contract

The main steps to becoming certified are: 


CMTA keeps a register in which it records the companies that are authorized to use the Certification Marks

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Become a CMTA-Recognized Expert

The certification process is supported by service providers, recognized by the CMTA: List of CMTA-Recognized Experts
Recognition as a legal expert, technology service provider or audit firm is open to individuals or companies who meet certain requirements.
Download our Expert recognition regulations
Application form: Legal experts
Application form: Technology Service Providers