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September 22, 2022

Boss Info AG obtains CMTA.Tokenized Shares label

CMTA's label certifies that Boss Info's tokenized shares have been issued in compliance with Swiss law and CMTA’s standards, and are based on adequate technology.

Boss Info ( is a Swiss IT company that provides business software and IT support services to SMEs. Based in Farnern in the canton of Bern, the company employs over 300 persons.

The company is the second company to obtain the CMTA.Tokenized Shares label.

“CMTA certification is another important step in our strategy,” explains Simon Boss, CEO of Boss Info. “This standardization, which we have achieved by becoming CMTA-certified, is crucial if our Boss Info tokens are to be traded on well-known digital marketplaces in future.”

CMTA's label provides assurance that shares have been validly associated with digital tokens recorded on a blockchain, in compliance with Swiss law and CMTA’s recommendations. It further provides assurance that the tokenisation process has been carried out on the basis of digital codes vetted by experts. Boss Info’s tokens are based on an implementation of the Mt Pelerin Bridge Token and were deployed on the Ethereum blockchain with the assistance of i.AM Lab and Lexr.

“I would like to sincerely thank technology partner Mt Pelerin (, legal partner Lenz & Staehelin ( and our certification partner CMTA ( for being so pleasant to work with and for their help in driving forward this pioneering project,” sums up Simon Boss.

In 2020, Switzerland passed legislation that explicitly contemplates the association of shares and other securities with digital tokens recorded on a distributed ledger, and in particular, blockchains. Tokenising shares has significant advantages for both companies and their shareholders. It makes it possible for companies to obtain a real-time and accurate view of their shareholder base, and provides legal certainty for share transfers. It can further facilitate the execution of certain corporate actions, such as the payment of dividends.

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