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July 05, 2019

CMTA reinforces its Advisory Board with a new Regulatory Committee

The CMTA is pleased to announce the creation of a fourth committee within its Advisory Board: the Regulatory Committee. This body is addressing regulatory issues arising in connection with the association’s standard-setting activities. In particular, it supervises the association’s relationship with Swiss and, when relevant, foreign supervisory authorities, stock exchanges and other governmental or self-regulated authorities that may be involved in the issuance and trading of digital assets, and more particularly tokenized securities.

The Regulatory Committee is composed of Dr. Thomas Frick (Chair), partner in the law firm Niederer Kraft Frey; Mr. David Garrido, General Counsel of the Lombard Odier Group; Ms. Sandra Lathion-Zweifel, counsel at Lenz & Staehelin (until recently Section Head within the Asset Management Division at FINMA); and Dr. Bertrand Schott, partner at Niederer Kraft Frey.

The Regulatory Committee is a key addition to the CMTA’s Advisory Board and an important next step in ensuring the development and implementation of the association’s standards for the issuance and trading of digital assets in Switzerland.

In addition to the Regulatory Committee, CMTA’s Advisory Board is made up of the AML Committee (chaired by Ms. Natacha Polli), the Corporate Committee (chaired by Prof. Alexandre Richa) and the Technology Committee (chaired by Dr. Jean-Philippe Aumasson).