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June 19, 2023

Event - Digital financial assets: architecture and infrastructure

CMTA held its AGM on June 15, 2023 at the SwissTech Convention Center (Lausanne), followed by a seminar and  discussions on central themes for the development and adoption of digital assets in financial markets:

    - Tokenization technology challenges. This panel will focus on the architecture and security of smart contracts for digital assets as well as the development of CMTA's token framework, CMTAT.

    - Institutional Custody: the key to mass adoption? Experts will debate how the approach to safekeeping private keys can influence industry adoption of digital assets.

    - Infrastructure: trading and settlement of digital assets. Panelists will discuss issuance, trading and settlement solutions for digital equity and debt securities, including exchanges, the new DLT Trading facility and the role for CBDC.

The topics ranged from the conception of smart contracts for digital securities, to the use of public vs. private blockchains for settling transactions, by way of a discussion on the business case for banks as custodians of digital assets.


  • Welcome from James Larus, Professor and former Dean of the School of Computer and Communication Sciences (IC) at EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne)
  • Keynote speech: Jean-Philippe (JP) Aumasson, Chief Security Officer, Co-Founder, Taurus SA

Panel: Tokenization technology challenges

  • Jean-Philippe Aumasson (Moderator)
  • Luzius Meisser, Co-founder, Aktionariat AG
  • Arnaud Salomon, CEO, Mt Pelerin
  • Niharika Singh, Technical Product Manager, daura
  • Tanvi Singh, MD - Global Digital Assets Technology Lead, UBS

Panel: Institutional Custody: the key to mass adoption?

  • Alexander E. Brunner, President, (Moderator)
  • Jacques Iffland, Partner, Lenz & Staehelin
  • Lino Finini, Chief Operating Officer, Swissquote Bank SA
  • Daniel Gorrera, Head of Digital Assets, Credit Suisse
  • Katrin Koller, Global Head Advisory, Metaco

Panel: Infrastructure: trading and settlement of digital assets

  • Samuel Bisig, Business Development/Product Manager (Digital Innovation), targens / GFT Technologies (Moderator)
  • Andrea Luca Aerni, Policy Advisor Digital Finance, Swiss Banking - Schweizerische Bankiervereinigung
  • Stefan Bosshard, Product Head Fixed Income, SIX Digital Exchange
  • Dominic Lohberger, Head of Trading, Sygnum Bank
  • Gregory Mall, CFA, Head of Investment Solutions, SEBA Bank AG
  • Matthias Müller, Chief Commercial Officer, BX Digital, BX Swiss